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By: B Fragranced

About Us

B Fragranced LLC™ is a Chicago based Company founded by the owner Marilyn Jones in late December 2013. We're proud to be both MBE & WBE certified!

Marilyn lost her mother to breast cancer at an early age. Her only true memory of her mother was her mother's scent. This sparked a passion to create a fragrance as unique as the woman who wears it.

B Fragranced philosophy is simple; we create Quality products at an Affordable Price that will enrich your appearance and accentuate your personal scent. B Fragranced has always put an emphasis on finding the perfect scent for the right moment and the right time. We believe each scent should become your own, and should differentiate you from others. We have a passion for self-beautification through fragrances, fashion, style and accessories. Your scent and accessories should be the epitome of who you are, without saying much at all.

We took on the challenge to create a Brand that celebrates who you are by making what you wear the pinnacle of a two letter word [ME]™

Why did we decide to name the brand ME? Our Creative Director Marilyn Jones used the signature block “ME” as her personal signature. She believes your personal distinctiveness is identified in your style. She found that many people would seek her guidance or opinion when trying to find the perfect fragrance or accessory as a gift or an affair. Through passion, perseverance and dedication, the brand ME by B Fragranced was born.

B Fragranced sole purpose is to provide a one of kind Fragrance and Accessory line that represents the innermost and outward beauty of your individuality.

We believe your signature scent and style should be emphasized and when asked the question "what are you wearing, you simply respond, ME”!

You are the core of whatever style you're feeling, B Fragranced is here to compliment your style by embellishing it!